Working methods of metal detectors
Introduction: The mission remains focused on providing the best and finest products from devices with great benefits that pervades the good and welfare of its employees, and this spirit and the embodiment of this humanitarian message the factory in agreement with the most famous factories advanced world in the development and manufacture of electronic content with a sensitivity and high-tech, thus originated and developed strategic business relationship until we have become partners in the development and manufacturing professional.

Experience has shown the many conducted by specialized entities of the United Nations and the well-known universities
Capacity and effectiveness of the secretariat of our devices, that the procedures and guarantee quality produced by FTG USA has made it a reference nationally and globally, where the company received numerous international awards and has get together many researchers and explorers, and a number of specialized international who Ocdo that the company’s facilities and its plant and the technology used to match the largest laboratories World .

I’ve gone through metal detectors several stages in the process of evolution and perhaps the most important was the jump large global achieved by scientific technology our factory where it was to harness more than a scientific theory integrated with each other until the resulting devices operate over a system and method and scientific theory that these applications are important technical made metal detectors and diversity of the difference in hardware and we put them in world markets Nanla of a so be distributors for factories and companies
FTG GROUP USA everywhere,
And provide an overview of the most important scientific theories of the important pillars in the stages of manufacture of metal detectors:

Devices soundtrack: technology is the GPR technique the EM of the most technologies novelty in the world of scanning the magnetic field and uses this technique in the world for exploration and prospecting for oil and geological studies that are interested to study earthquakes, and adopt this technology on the measurement and analysis of magnetic field ground and distortions occurring upon resulting from the drilling taking into account all the interactions magnetism generated by the magnetic fields of metals and solar storms, and perhaps the most important offer of this technique specialized equipment prospector’s all treasures and relics, gold and precious metals in the form of three-dimensional image decomposition through programs genius analytical modern and offers these devices depiction of metals blanks and funds, rooms and water pipes and everything it contains the ground.

Device Sensor: that all the natural elements affected Bdahirh called resonance and recognize the phenomenon of resonance there is a classic example for this phenomenon is that it is possible to sound the trumpet to break the glass when playing on a layer of high sound high and noisy, if the frequency of physical or actual glass is like playing note Then will begin in concert with glass-frequency pulses, if you become too intense frequency of the crystal structure glass Resonance occurs when a hollow element similar to energy blasted the actual or physical.

How the frequency partial: The electric generator is wireless creating and sending vibrations equal direction of metallic and the rest of the minerals in that one and this signal penetrates the earth via transmission systems platform to continue to objectives to be searched for and identified through the bristles and Sensors Reception industries, has made our factory manufactures Oschaaria with Excellence in shape and work to send and receive signals wired and wireless via air, land and discrimination full metal Almkhbi and Odhar identity and depth, size, and very easy before drilling.

Devices long term: These devices send more than a wave of research and the metal detector and it sends it to the radiation power so that the waves to identify the areas Alokatrostetekih formed on metals as a result their survival and their presence in the ground for a long time, these radiations strengthening fields electrostatic and magnetic target buried by stimulating or induce metal remote is also known, any stirring of the network crystalline any metal will result in a reaction equal usually waves reciprocating bearing frequency metal, the factory innovation in the manufacture of devices with long Alabied to rounded and make it between your hands as you enter on this theory to operate with the theory Scientific systems Aloschaaria and Alkahrumgatisah.

Electromagnetic devices: the scientific theory that these devices rely on a very simple theory is that any electrical current passing circuit, it is a magnetically Mtoazinna the field with the electric current flowing in the circuit where the stability of this circuit depends fully on the stability of all circuit elements, and that any change in on any element, it leads to the imbalance that can distinguish them easily, when what passes metal is within the magnetic field of the circuit, they affect the shape of the field Almentdm and distorted, which calls for a change in the current flowing in the circuit and this Masminah situation of imbalance that appear in the circuit in the form of audio signals optical or by the design of the device has been manufacturing innovative devices of this group to make it easier for amateur explorers enjoy the discovery of precious currencies and precious metals and treasures.

Devices geological: adopt these devices on the measurement system resistance ground shipments and vibrations strong electric high-energy through the mechanism of transmission ground for the spread of these shipments through the layers of the earth, and measure the resistance Ohms all elements of the lower layer and usually gets send electrical signals with high energy and low speed, as slow speeds more breakthrough layers of earth where they are from a transmitter implanted in the ground probes and signal reception from the other probe and the device reads the electrical resistance and ground analysis of the results and show in the screen of the device,
The factory has modern equipment industry combined with long-term devices to make it easier for the user to use probes reducing me above the target to confirm and install the place.

Devices laser: We have been harnessing the scientific development in the field of lasers to serve the goals of research and exploration depends starter scientific for these devices to send rays Eliezer to measure the resistance to radiation electrothermal of the land and you to feel blocs Ionian formed on the metal underlying result of pressure, temperature and PH soil and excellence Give signals the user to indicate the presence of these objects and their headquarters, and there is a classic example for this topic was the ancients are looking for burial places of gold and treasures through monitored melting some patches of snow in the land, as the snow melts when areas of the bloc ion thermal result of effective ionic minerals buried by other areas , and the factory to develop devices laser so that they are more capable Give readings, data and data obvious Dfaún precious and especially gold, caves, voids, and give another example: The ancients had also pursuing waterproofing and she went to other places during the watering trees and plants and thus find it flow around Mnhdhir Nhaúath vacuum or a grave or Cave is usually filled with treasures and gold.

Ionian devices: working on a scientific theory called:
BSC-BITOTRONIC CLACCIFIER SYSTEM that metals Aldvonh underground you are creating an electric field Ketrmagnatisa and Ketrsteteki Ionic and working together in order to detect places gold method is based scanning and detection on these machines professional manner and very easy and accurate and works automatically as the ion fired by gold during the burial for a long time under the Earth constitute halo electromagnetic large, the factory developed these devices significantly and made it easy to use while driving a vehicle or exploration of natural is also available several models and types of systems Exploratory Ionian and integrate with the system the EM to become capable of exploration of minerals new and buried the past.