Please provide integrated and comprehensive services to our valued customers how to purchase any of our products with ease and without any complications. Anyone can get any of our products, whether the product request and send it via shipping and delivery service, or the advent of the client to the company’s headquarters or authorized dealers to enjoy
All full services of technical support and expertise acquired during his stay with the experts, engineers and technicians

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• provide the best and latest detectors and the treasures of gold and minerals, water and caves.
• provide equipment and electronic products revealing, properly researched and practical and scientific experiments.
• offer advice and expertise in product selection, according to the needs of the Navigator and his request for the device.
• offer training courses complete and correct process, on the basis of hardware and systems work, results and effectiveness.
• provide realistic experiences and the results of the process and work devices and until the advent of the client to the company’s headquarters to buy
• All of our products are supported by its factories and holds a manufacturing and guarantee card manufacturers and Certificate
• offer with each product to ensure processors documented by the device manufacturer and our company, to ensure the safety of his product buyer and work.
• offer with each product purchase invoice described the price of the system and his work and his name and serial number.
• offer with each product catalog in depending on the buyer’s request (English – Arabic)

Prevent the company’s management and its laws replace any device sold only in the case of a defect manufacturers or there is a problem during the first week of the purchase, and have yet sure of that because of all the equipment before they leave the warehouse or showrooms be has checked and tested and subjected to experiment to ensure effectiveness.
It also prevents the Company’s Act retrieval process altogether.
As the deposit paid Retrieved final

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