Introduction :
The management of Future Treasure companies takes notice to provide all that serves the interests of their clients and access to the full requirements and full satisfaction.
As we have inaugurated a new section in the group its task is to be in charge of all the requests of our VIP customers after the sale only.
This section gives the new useful services which does not end at the maintenance and repair only but also extend to the use of great services and the enjoyment of it in the correct format and the ability to follow-up to the modern technology at a close distance all our tools, our products and our devices guarantee to you its superiority and its ability to work a lot because it is very magnificence, and advanced This section also features manufactures products is to offer a self-styled VIP where the manufacturer to three times normal for the device to be a strength for her unrivaled and offers a unique tasks and functions and Mezh unique at all .

Among those products and services we offer the following:
1- New global devices 2011 for exploration and detection of gold, treasures and other minerals for the first time in the whole world. As you know we are the first in this field.
2- Provide spare parts with multi-purposes and benefits in our factories in the case of a rapid request.
3- The presence of technical accessories and a lot of materials serve the interest of the equipment and support it work and effectiveness.
4- Special devices for digging, breaking, mining, cutting and land measurement with a new, solid and untried technology.
5- Units and complexes for measurement and testing for all types (soil, land, climate, topography).
6- Very modern surveillance equipment guarding the discovering locations with a safe and complete secrecy in order to complete the work.
7- A small advanced electronics for guarding, protection and self-defense in a unique technology.
8- Precision machines for the conservation the features of the place before and after working and when things custody.
9- Other calls devices and went on radio to a very long-distance working with voice, image and direct photography.

10- Too small pens to dismantle the stones and rocks sections, and making the highlands, mountain and rock areas, like the dust.
11- Liquid materials to preserve the values and the shaping of extracted wealth and to keep it from exposure to air, water and radiation for a long period.
12- Statistics, screening and testing tools for all the extracted types in a very rapidly way.
13- A rare assessment and valuation devices to give age, height, weight, size and a real approximate price for each piece.
14- Revealing glasses for corrupted air to prevent subjecting to sudden shocks.
15- Film photography and development through the strange immediate interpretation.
16- Old books tester and to know whether it is an old, true, false, beneficial to all (old books, religious, historical and other books).
17- Precious and semi-precious tester device and know its rarity, type and its radiation strength.
18- Gold tester device and know its type, caliber and its weighs in a very carefully and efficiently way.
19- A specialized machine in cutting the precious and semi-precious stones of all its types and forms and classify it whatever you want to (Square, rectangular, hexagonal, etc.) than other forms.
20- A very modern device to survey the region healthy with a great power and the knowledge of all its obscurities (organisms, radiation, creatures, animals, insects, reptiles, caves, caverns, chambers, cemeteries, etc.).
21- Defensive clothes suitable for the all the difficult circumstances.
22- Special clothes for the exploration, discovery and research.
23- Clothes for strange capacities proven a lot.
24- A very small devices known as electronic guidelines devices. It may lead you to what you’re looking for, whether over or under the ground and in water, it has many types and forms.
25- Revealing track detectors they are varied to reveal to you the track (path) for the goals that you want to get its place.

26- A revealing power-line devices (audio and video), it gives you the power line in the transmission device to the goals that you are exploring it whether above or under the ground.
27- An accurate devices for depths as they are identifying and measuring the depths of the goals you are looking for under the ground, it reached to 25 meter, it has different types with a small-size and easy movement.
28- An accurate specialized devices for front distance its work is to make a full survey for the different tracts of land to determine whether the desired goal found in it or not, there are various types starting from (1 sq km, 2 sq km, 3 sq km, 5 sq km).
29- A receiver devices for photographing the goals under the ground after the confirmation of its existence. It gives a realistic and true TV image by 97%.
30- Radiation disappearance devices, these are devices hide all traces, lines and underground signals, whatever its type at the survey trace for 7 sq km.
31- The night Telescopes scanners with laser and heat for objects at least 5 km in a very accurate way monitor, records and reserves their movements.
32- Burner eyes these telescopes reveals at the center of the sun and at all times of the day all the different moves they recording it, it works for more than 15 km.
Dear Customer this what we have for this year this batch considered the first group and the second group will come to us after 40-day everything is available in it, where our future plans are to provide our customers with everything new , unique and important to have fully technical values and modern technology.
What you need to do is to mail us through the mail found in this page and we will bring you all your requests and there are more and a lot of services, applications, and devices that not mentioned we will sure give them to you.
There is no way at all that your request of any product is not available We in the United States have the biggest fleet includes all electronic technology that found until this present day.
We are confident that we are the first globally and the former to modernity, innovation and the splendor of modern technological.
Mail us and you’ll see the inconceivable wonders!!!!!!
Our Group works with continuous care towards the best in the commitment area with all the new and unique from the modern technology which we declared it to our customers, members and visitors of the website. We have the V.I.P system which is distinguished globally this service is above the high level that is presented only to the V.I.P category from our clients. So you have the ability and the possibility to be member of this category in the future.
Our dear customers our Group work with continuous care to keep the secret of the data and information for our clients, this blind trust which has been given to us through our clients from a long time ago is the basis for our continuous success which generate always creativity and tender on a stabile steps to the future. Everyone can write to us about their demands and also begin to register on this website to provide them with all the new and creative in a continuous way.
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