Please maintain the device through the following steps:
Please attention to possess relevant experience in the use and through read catalogs and see the device’s video tutorial and intensive training before work and wary of misuse and follow the road, according to the sequence without prior step for step and even in the process of opening and closing the device.
You must make sure that all the pieces of the device and its purpose and batteries and chargers exist and they work well after training on device programming and prepared to work as well as training on the knowledge of the target type and depth and size.
You must use the custom charger in shipping and supplied with the device and do not use chargers is authentic, or does not belong to the device and charge the device restriction by the said period and not to keep it constantly on shipping.
Device must scan and clean a soft, clean towel is wet after each use
Must not be allowed to access any device fluids
Not to put it in places too hot or exposed to sun for a long time
Should not be exposed to severe dust because it is the main enemy of all electronics
Must deal with the device that made you learn it properly and not allow others to use
All of what we make you keep items on device for a long time properly and works effectively absolute and accurate
Before research and drilling must be obtained at the ear or permit to search through private property of the owner or the person who is the affairs of the region.
Different laws vary greatly from one region to another and between cities and the United Arab Emirates and States, counties and states regarding the use of metal detectors.
So we we to all our customers and Pleas erespect the privacy of public and private property and the laws that govern metal detectors and ask to do to fill the holes after drilling to maintain the security and the safety of others.
Please not to tamper with the effects and reserves and fenced areas by the government and the preservation of the identity implications for not destroyed as a national symbol
And should as much as possible AWAY FROM areas that carry electric charges as large as generators Voltage Higher and other must also disarm all metals from the body such as the clock rings and phones before use process to take the signals correctly and to discover professionally and comparison ongoing in the areas explored and this means a lot of experience and in turn hosts of the most important instructionsand tips to be a guide and assistant in your work..

With greetings F T G Group

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