Suggestions and Complaints Form
Extend to all the gentlemen visitors to this Website official and all the members and clients FTG USA best greeting and respect and welcome for visiting and choosing us to be your representative and  first and last for the acquisition of our equipment and our products that we put in this historic site Djemba information and data products and global hardware to be my hands of a button it’s really your gateway to enter the technology and easy in the ( gateway to the Middle East and the world of gold and treasures and monuments ) .
We are a team management group of companies and factories FTG GROUP USA urge all our customers to communicate and contact us and instant messaging in the event of any proposal or complaint and did not take the solution three days after a request from the distributor or agent or department or any other belonged to us.
Our management has allocated develop the best solutions and ways and the right ways to deal with all of our staff in each location to facilitate the buying and selling and providing the required services at the best face and continuous follow – up of all the requirements and periodic maintenance work and reform in our competent centers .
We be thankful if you send any proposals precious because we constitute one team , the relationship you start by correspondence or contact for the first time and Atnqta never even remain constant never provide all that is new and modern , and because the suggestions important lead us from the best to the best , we call upon all to submit all suggestions that you deem useful and important .
Gentlemen customers in the event of any complaints have not been resolved after three days please write and instant messaging for us to end the complaint is the best , but we ask fill this information is complete without any deficiency in the program and send it and make sure they arrive, and note that is always the presence of all the data to the content of the complaint and provide the following data :
1 – the full name of the complainant
2 – Copy of the invoice or Sindh arrest and number.
3 – the date of purchase .
4 – device number and unique and .
5 – the name of the seller or distributor.
6 – complete data on the type of complaint dates and detailed evidence in the case of its existence.
Every sends fully to amyl mentioned , or call the following number 00971551277737 Customer Service
The company’s management also granted free device or in the case of the delivery of any information on the exploitation of the brand or in the case of any disgraceful event to our group with offer thanks and gratitude.