Provide to valued customers around the world the possibility of their application for devices from their home countries without suffering fatigue and affectation expenses of travel and can purchase over the phone or correspondence, through the adoption of the client device that had seen fit to request or see the customer of the product through our official website Hmao informs us about the device, which has chosen him and through Correspondence e-mail or direct contact with telephone company to be provided with all the information required by the
Dear Customer, you can fill in the purchase form and send it to us so that we equip the goods and sent back to you after the arrival of the value of the goods purchased.
In the case of a request send the customer a quote for Certification of the company includes the name of the device and specifications also includes title banking sector our company to deposit the amount in the account of the company and will provide us with its title to the product is shipped to him immediately through a period of not more than 3 days or as previously mentioned fills out the form and send it to us and send it immediately, that freight rates, which we offer to our customers include sponsorship and warranty comprehensive insurance so that the goods uncertain and arrives on the best case and full confidentiality and privacy As for the shipment of products other than devices exploration and prospecting prices shipping are symbolic and very depending on the pricing Offices international shipping
Shipping Rates with insurance:
The weight of the goods to 1 kg = $ 300
The weight of the goods from 2 kg to 5 kg = $ 1,000
The weight of the goods from 6 kg to 10 kg = $ 2,000
The weight of the goods from 11 kg to 20 kg = $ 3,000
The weight of the goods from 21 kg to 50 kg = $ 4,000

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