Our group is a global group, which has branches and distributors in various countries of the Middle East and Europe through its parent company in the States Empire State Tower in New York.
Antiques section is a wonderful service of its kind that is buying, selling and marketing pieces of paintings, drawings, coins, carpets, manuscripts, old books, seals, beads, stained glass, pottery, carved and everything that is distinctive and old and has a beautiful and ancient character Got a total of future treasures Membership credit In the countries of the world auction and some great museums and galleries sell antiques and when a group of businessmen and celebrities are interested, this department is diverse and met stable and always changing for the best customers that reach us directly, according to this desire, and it is found in the same love of buying or selling through the display Item check communicate with us.
He owns the purchase of the antiques sales department and experts and provides the full good service to customers through a good appreciation of things and their marketing by legitimate and legal methods and guaranteeing their right, and the antiques department accepts receiving a piece of fee for many other services.
We wish those interested in this field, and those who seek to buy or sell their possessions, cut down writing valuable data and complete, true and accurate information for this piece and send it to the antiques sale department of the group to be able to provide you with the appropriate service properly and appropriately.
Weight piece actual height, dimensions, height, 4 point photos plus clear, accurate and very close to the top and bottom, the story of this piece and told from the time of discovery time messages, we apologize for the service in the absence of the above applications, and on the condition that they are original and 100% fact We do not We accept the request from intermediaries, but the owner of a need or the direct broker.
We also note that in the event that a piece of any kind is original and genuine it will cost the owner the sum of $25,000, capacity and value for the costs and expenses of examination, testing, correspondence, transportation, and jealousy, and is therefore subject to penalty from the beginning of the transaction.
The cost of examination and testing for the piece and certificate is $ 5,000, capacity, study and the price is $ 3000 per piece
And antiques marketing is a department by taking 25% of the value of the goods sold, and this is the initial condition for starting work
He goes to the museum to see the pictures in the antiquities folder

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