The infrastructure of each city of the basics and pedestals value important that serve the community and from this standpoint, all governments are harnessing millions of dollars in construction and development and infrastructure construction in the right way , and when affected by this structure of mistakes resulting in a lot of incidents and problems that cause failures and losses many , it was imperative for us to provide this service only unmatched.
The service detection and identification of leaks bibs of all kinds, be one of our services to determine the point of smuggling oil or water , gas or oil , or any component of it , as well as service identifying malfunctions that result from the separation and spare cables electrical and knowledge point holidays as well as the manholes and cables and the baibat that are in the streets and homes of all populated areas prone always to breakdowns and many problems as it gets in sanitation and other infrastructure problems therefore provide a service detected by the system imaging via laptop easier for contractors and agents of the construction of the identification of areas of malfunctions and avoid losses for Reform in a fast and organization away from work and random problems that arise from them of problems and complaints that strain real estate companies and institutions at times.
specialized in the field of geographical science and terrestrial geology , mineralogy , mineralization and exploration .

Offer to important construction companies advanced construction services
From the vast experience and approved by the major factories and the World for testing and soil testing :
soil components

The validity of soil for construction projects

  1. soil abnormalities
  2. A clear vision of the naked eye to the ground
  3. Detection of voids and gaps in aerobic soil
  4. Seen detection of underground water from artesian wells and disclosed
  5. Breakdowns electrical cables and metal pipes to know where hidden materials and materials knowledge
  6. Comprehensive field survey of the Earth ‘s surface and subsoil to a depth of one hundred meters
  7. Survey of vast distances and a few minutes and depths greater than 500 meters
  8. And a leader in the jurisdiction of the contracting and construction and building scientific instruments is the first
  9. Necessary , comprehensive solutions for all the problems arising from the ground extensions , whether electrical and sewage water
    Health and Other
    All the services mentioned and many others we can provide to you through the following offers
    • direct purchase of equipment required with training to members of your company so that they can be specialists in the implementation of
    The previously mentioned services and deservedly .
    • Request the services mentioned by our technical team to carry out inspection and testing and delivery of the results of the examination process .
    Cost of faults detected by the technical section of the site per $ 3,500 amount must be paid in advance.
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