Our service is available discovery areas required by the satellite contractors gps ftg usa nasa to provide the following services:
1 – the discovery of archeological sites and historic towns lying underground and identify possibly can accurately .
2 – the discovery of gold and gold ore and gold powder ratio and size of the radiation in the desired locations .
3 – the discovery of diamonds and diamonds sites and carbon percentage and size of the radiation in the desired locations .
4 – the discovery of gemstone sites different Anuaha and proportion of radiation in the required areas .
5 – the discovery of sites and groundwater wells and canals and Guo Zguetha the underground.
6 – the discovery of caves and tombs , caves and underground spaces .

 values and the cost of discovery per site for a distance of 2 square kilometers and only one request , whether for gold or water $ 4,000 .
 report shall be delivered after 4 working days .
 Sometimes the site is detected by us and sent to the customer within an area of 200 square meters of the target detected.
 always advised that there guideline Aomokhts the device in the search in the space defined by us to determine the center point of it to be exact.
 in the case of a request please send via Google Earth with the appointment of the longitude and latitude of the area to be surveyed and a full Coordinates
 Please your correspondence via e – mail for this service.
 Please transfer the amount in advance after sending the request directly .
 made a FTG USA via Mchora long expertise to reach the top of the global technology in the areas of detection and exploration of underground water and artesian wells , springs and canals methods of accurate scientific multiple to confirm the places of concentration of the water and determine the center point precision as it professional in the discovery of precious metals such as gold, silver and as well as jewelery gemstones and diamonds as well as hiding places for archaeological gold and ancient burials , and cared well as in the discovery materials and natural elements in the soil such as gas , oil and petroleum.
 adopted through the Engineering Technical developments in global instruments made of , and sophisticated software easy to operate realistically employer the correct scientific method in the selection , survey and test on the ground and easily.
 FTG USA granted by its international technical exploratory distinct services to farms to locate water and the center point of the well meticulously employer top of modern technology in the unmatched devices as well as by the use of the latest pious in the world of GPC systems , a service discovery via satellite
 Also, the requests for surveys should be determined by the client precisely where the discovery of a comprehensive survey Integrated is the discovery of all the elements , materials and minerals found in the soil and that costs $ 32,000 for an area of 4 square kilometers , because he is inclusive of all materials and items found in the soil in addition to analyze the quality of land and classes .
 The discovery and survey the exact one goal and one element and the one example of the discovery of gold atoms ( powder ) or blocks ( raw natural ) or gold archaeological buried old , who is due to earlier civilizations , it costs $ 4,000 for an area of 2 square kilometers.
 As explained that in the case have been identified space or metal element to be discovered , it saves time as well as the amounts on the applicant please be specific requests and more accurate so that we can meet all your needs best.

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