We have through this official website to put all the information important technical and professional services in general as well as the development of prices and the cost of services of all kinds to this site will be transparent and clear to all in his dealings through the center and all main branches.
Further, it was our duty to lay the foundations and the correct rules for the profession to abide by all and be a beacon visible aware and be pursuing all approach of important works in this trade and scientific because it is full of Geosciences, Physics and Chemistry.
Dear Gentlemen We put laws and the foundations of our services and our prices are quite thoughtful study through contracted and our meetings with the owners of factories and companies world because we are all partners in one area.
These prices consolidated will make a lot of agents and distributors who respect each other and appreciate this noble noble profession that serves as medicine and engineering, the use of technology and practice with modern science is one of our successes and our development in the Middle East.
The installation of the prices of all our products and services was after a deep study lasted for more than two years even offer the best and the best prices and the prices of these products and services to be available all and benefit from them, and also is a bold step because we are fully aware that we have put the best of the prices of the devices, but no one can pursues Our approach and is developing its prices on its because he is afraid of competition as well as unfairly affect others forgetting that Razzaq is God and no one else.
Cases offer prices below our prices in the market::

1. The device is Genuine imitated and forged.
2. Lack of accessories and pieces attached.
3. Lack of bail or without them.
4. Different brand or model.
5. Taking the attached gift if they are in possession.
6. Old Model is a trader.
7. User or consumer of before or again.
8. Unknown source and origin.
9. Competition and speculation only.
10. Announcement that the price to have a discount and when Grandpa in the topic takes you to another device.
11. Different specifications and features.
12. Difference in the program and the system work.
13. Shortage of cameras and sensors Home.

Examples and proofs
Demonstrate the validity of our words through the following information:
1. How can a device before it is sold in the original factory and offers to resellers at $ 7,000 and be at one of the shops at half the value it quite clear that he is not Genuine or apply one of the preceding information.
2. Selling products in one place and then disappear and appear under the name of another after a while.
3. There is no guarantee or warranty on the product, but words and paper.
4. There is nothing important to have more to lose through abuse and mistakes.
5. Not benefit the client device but affectation expenses and many losses.

The devices of different and varied greatly, but the experience and integrity at work are prohibited trader from exploiting customers and provide them with the finest products and the best services and lower prices so this was our goal of putting all our prices in this official website and give examples, there are generations and versions of models and different brands of Technology, for example:
Version1 <2 <3 <4, Generations 1 <2 <3 <4, pro, 1 <2 <3, plus, 1 And also must know our customers that with every device there choices and accessories so-called English-language option / basic and choices that you buy in Accessories extra is priced either accessories are essential and be with full purpose device Unfortunately, they always sold additional or removed from the device and this is one-point difference in prices, which we have mentioned.

This is evidence and proof on the health of our words, and we expect that all of looking for difference prices will fall to these problems, we today in this century modern everyone has modern technology, the Internet and advanced software to enter and see the products and prices at its plants and its in all countries of the world, so we’ve put these prices At the request of urgency and a lot of customers in the Middle East so that procurement and selection of appropriate equipment soft way.

Sales law in the parent company
Put these prices by the central administration of the parent and non-negotiable and final bargaining whatever payment 0

Sales law for agents and distributors
Granted the parent company of agents and distributors right increase on this list prices as appropriate to the product and quantity, type and size and accessory As for the metal detectors, it is customary that the distributor pays the shipping costs, transport and customs as well as training and education for the client and provide him publications, publications, catalogs and cd educational and warranty and warranty and experiences and other things many, so the distributor right to add $ 1000 to the price the main professed to be covered for all expenses listed and the percentage of profit, but for the accessories and parts and other products to be the distributor right to add $ 500 or as it deems appropriate, and so suited to the product and the supply and demand provided, however, that no more than these powers, and God bless.