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Can you imagine the earth without water!!!!

Nothing will be alive!!!?

Life will be impossible by then, and all creatures might vanish and disappear, because water is the lifeblood of our planet, which provides it with energy and continuity, as for the importance of this vital element on earth, our factories have produced and developed “Water Discovery” device to assist in the detection of underground water, artesian wells, spread the agricultural lands and build a modern civilized societies.
Indeed it is the genius of this era in the detection of water in the deep lands and valleys.
How the device works:

After the unprecedented success of the modern and innovative geological system, this proved day after day that it’s the best in the world, in detecting, identification and monitoring the targets precisely in subsoil of the land.
It has been reliable in this modern and developed version, where water discovery device works on several and various theories, all gathered in one device, in order to make it able to locate underground water, artesian wells and water sources in the ground in just a few minutes and easily.

Features and characteristics:
1- Easy to use and work.
2- Lightweight and ease in movement and mobility.
3- Determines the depths of ground water and artesian wells in a few minutes.
4- The ability to work in all different climatic terrains.
5- The device is supported by very sensitive chips to identify the targets and determine the centre point accurately.
6- The device is provided with a radar unit to determine the water springs place and its underground center to reach it very fast.

Technical Specifications:

1- The device is fully electronic.
2- Supported by a crystal digital screen LCD displays the water and its depths in case of discovery.
3- The Front Range is 1800 sq/m.
4- The depth of exploration is 1 Km.
5- The device detects ground water, artesian wells and water sources.

Device Components:

1- The ground main unit.
2- The Transmitter unit in the soil.
3- The electronic button to operate and stop the device (ON/OFF).
4- Interior battery works 8 hours continuously, FT brand.
5- Arabic and English catalog.
6- Educational CD.
7- International guarantee for one year.

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Made in Germany
Search system device :steering system and geologist
Ground-term depth: 1000 meters
Front Range Horizontal scan: 1000 square meters
Industry: U.S.