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Nascow WM65

Searching : Ground Water, Aatesian Wells, Channels
Depth: 800 M – Long Range:1000 M Sq – Power: 24 V
Deserts and dry lands all over the world have called for those who quench the thirst and relieve the tired from the sun rays, and as usual.
Future treasures Company has answered the call to rescue the earth from draught and change the bare desert to green gardens, and at once it has invented a new technology rocket to penetrate the interior of the earth and discover the unknown, it is NASCW device.
It is the only device which discovers the underground water, the artesian wells, canals and water springs by the clear and real image.
NASCW transmits a live broadcast from a depth reaches 800 m inside the earth, so there is no need for wariness as the device differentiates between the real sources of the fresh water and the other canals in order to see with your eyes the water underground, its quantity, depth and place accurately before drilling, the device provides you with assurance elements by the three-dimensional photography program which a lot of devises lack of it.
In addition to the Future Treasures Company has invented the spectacles glasses which have a great role in the operations of searching, and due to this high technology which advanced by this technical rocket, there is no place for hesitation to keep the drought.
How does it work?!
The device has developed by international geological survey F.T.G to give the real way for joy vision for watercourse and the presence of water under the earth’s surface before drilling it.
Nascw WM65 has professional system for searching and scanning the area by mini direction device WM65 it is electronic directed rapid scanning which guide to search and discover area or taking effort in the exploration,the water geological device Nascow works with software technology for signals by the target anlayze program in the mini laptop which shows all the data detected underground on the device screen in the way of research and the direct detection which removes the uncertainty process in the completely wrong.
Features & Advantages:
1. Proceed along the place of water at a high speed by WM65 technique.
2. Working simply and analyze program, it is the latest version of three-dimensional analysis software.
3. Live broadcasting, photographing and storing to all what is existed underground.
4. The device potentiality to work in all kinds of soils and relief, in addition to work in the extreme degrees of heat.
5. A lot of sensitivities in order to reach and penetrate the depths.
The technical Standards:
1. The device explores the underground water, deep wells, channels and springs.
2. The device explores for a depth reaches to 800m.
3. The Front Range reaches to 1 km.
4. Complete accuracy in working, analysis and results.
5. It can survey a region extends to1000 square meters within 10 minutes.
The device components:
1. The main control unit.
2. Modern electronic wave.
3. Laptop.
4. Memory card 20GP.
5. Field bag (front and back).
6. Battery and electronic charge devices.
7. Programming substance on a combined disk.
8. Arabic and English catalog.
9. Educational CD.
10. International ensure for one year.

Search system device :steering system AND FREQUENCY SYSTEM AND 3D IMAGING
Ground-term depth: 800meters
Front Range Horizontal scan: 1000 meters
Industry: U.S.