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 Geology System Life


Because Future Treasures is always participating in supporting the agricultural fortune, increasing the green spaces and solving the problems that may face the farms’ owners and investors in the agricultural sector all over the world, many opinions and ideas have been gathered in the technological and the technical field to manufacture a device that could solve all those problems.

The device has been manufactured to penetrate into amazing depths and differentiate between the sources of real groundwater and other small and fake targets, this device is distinguished by a great performance in terms of transmission and reception it is also easy to use, and it discovers groundwater, artesian wells, tunnels, caves and cavities.

It is designed in an innovative way; it is fully digital and operates automatically without any interference from the user just follow-up the screen to follow the targets and distinguish them with full accuracy.

How does it work?!
This new version has developed in a considerable way by the discover modern global system it is geological innovative survey system in our factories to create distinguish device in the discovery of the greatest and most precious treasures in earth , namely, (water).
First:The device has been adjusted and determinate the target which will discover within the choices of available materials in the device and the device start its work immediately with strong speed and complete accuracy.

The techniques integrated with the device give the full easy to work through developed the attach measurements units with the device to work easily and quickly in the measurement and testing.

Second: take reading graphic photos of the targets on the screen with excellent design which appear, take photo and draw easily and in a simple manner for discover objective in the area.
Third: the miracle scanner has combined with the device to search for the ground-water sites in 5km square distant in a period of 15 minutes only that by the direction to the biggest and the best point ever in the area of discovery thanks to the wonderful technology 3M in determining the location and depth of groundwater and artesian wells from a distance. This device has innovated to be universal for the adoption of major mining companies, drilling and geological professionals and not only farmers.
Features and Characteristics:
1. The feature of discover the area to search for the best and the biggest point by miracle scanner 3M.
2. The ability of determine the depth.
3. Completely electronic digital.
4. The possibility to identify the points of accumulation of water very carefully.
5. The ability to distinguish between the sources of water and water channels.
6. The device works in a safe and secret exploratory field as it does not affect with any outside influences or cause any disruption on the wire or wireless communication devices.
7. The device works with power and absolute effectiveness by sending the exploratory signals in soil, air and water, it doesn’t influenced with any kinds of environment and earth topography.
The technical Standards:
1. The geological survey range 500m sq.
2. Radiological scanning by 3M system is 5km sq of the region.
3. The device detects the depth reach to 1400m.
4. The device explores (groundwater, artesian wells, channels, caves and spaces) each one separately.
5. The device includes high quality specifications and unique technical and technological features, and contain of many characteristics which surprise you when you own this device.
The device components:

1. Measurement and testing unit’s easy movement.
2. Light scanner 3M very sensitive.
3. Electronic On/ off button.
4. Light screen with analysis program of the discovery data.
5. Strengthened power with electronic charger F.T.
6. Arabic and English catalogues.
7. Educational CD.
8. International ensure for one year.

Made in USA
Search system device :geological system, scanning radiation
Ground-term depth: 1400meters
Front Range Horizontal Scan: 1500 meters
Industry: U.S.