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sp 200

Idea of the device:

The Jhazssa B 200 E has been designed specifically for locating targets (metals, coins, rings and all treasures), and distinguish between different metals, all thanks to its design high-tech and its components powerful sophisticated, and that the researchers developed a way that is consistent with the necessities Search Alasralhala.
And now has produced the latest indicators that operate on the electronic circuit mini which Taatmisbetguenih high, has This Almacher_khasissa produced mineral exploration field operations (external).
And lies Msparh your finding valuables, as it is the first of its kind in the use of a very small circle found within the metal ring of stainless steel and long-lasting.
The primary objective of this new design, is to allow the researcher Alknsbethdid site Alknzatmama and meticulously before drilling.
By identifying the target using the search loop header actually you will be surprised at the speed with which you can determine the exact location of your goal, and يعتبرهذا Aljhazmn routers direct in giving signals.
Features and characteristics:
1 – target Machersota be.
2 – LED indicator and clear (the possibility of use at night).
3 – Zrillt sensitivity of the device.
4 – The possibility of precise.
5 – mini circuit.
6 – Msaparmn iron stainless steel.
7 – locate the target without the need for drilling.
8 – battery.

Made in America