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Laser range finder 600m

Product information:
This kinds product mainly depends on the reflection degree of the target objects, generally considering the effect of traffic signboard to be the best. The color, the surface treatmentdegree, the size, the shape, and the like of the targets can directly influence the reflectivity of the objects so as to influence the measuring distance.
905 nm class 1 Laser
Fully-Multi optic Lens
Precision: +/-1m
Quick and simple aiming
Capability of resisting water and dust
Data display and retention for 10 seconds
Concise and smart structure
Environment-friendly design
Automatic shutting PRICE : 550$down after 10 seconds without operation
Implied retention for the data used at the last time

This Laser Rangefinder Monocular can calculate the accurate distance of targets by transmitting infrared pulse which is invisible and harmless to human eyes after aiming the objects, and then continuously measuring and calculating the round-trip time of pulse.
The product not only adopts the advanced technology, but also has the characteristics of strong distance measuring capability, quick distance measurement, high stability energy saving, etc.
With excellent characteristics, the laser rangefinder monocular is widely is widely applied in athletic sports ventures, such as golf, hunting, construction survey and design , fire alarm system and other outdoor sport exploration aspects.