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laser distance meter sw-50

GPSLaser distance meter sw-50
Product information:
SW-50 Is a professional hand-held laser rangefinder, exterior cabinet, the function is all ready, measurement precision, simple operation, easy is able to realize a fast in length, of area, volume measurement, with the large size hd LCD shows let you in any and all circumstances measuring results of the be clear at a glance.
This machine is equipped with unique indirect measurement model, satisfy your measurement required in the different complex environment, easy measurement, relaxed and improve work efficiency.

1 Interior decoration design and construction

2 Lead Traffic police fast in scene of the accident.

3 Real estate development machine evaluation, fire evaluation
4- Public facilities planning,, gardens, the telecommunications industry

Technical parameter:

Device size: sw-50
Measuring distance: 0.1—50m
Measuring accuracy: ±2mm

Smallest display: 1mm
Biggest safe: 20 BYTE
Laser level: 635mm level 2
Measuring function:Length, the area, the volume

Battery” 1.5 v 3* AAA

Battery life: a single measurement 4000 times

Envelop dimensions: 28*54*118mm.