Smart Gold Camera >> VISION GUN 777



This small device is one of the easiest to use devices in the world. It has also high efficiency. Through it, we can see buried treasures and relics in the subsoil. It monitors the locations of the burials, treasures, and metals.
Features & Specifications:
1-Images old houses, treasures and metals underground, and detects it according to its dimensions.
2-Very clear monitor that shows all results.
3- Control system of noise strength.
4- Keys to adjust interior and exterior systems.
5- Determines the center to the target.
6- Its detecting depth is 8m.
7- Front imaging range is 350 m.
8- Lightweight, small size.
The image Gun 777 works with infrared to show the state of the exploratory systems in order to determine the points that confirm the most that there is gold or treasures. The camera also increases the safety significantly.

• NEW fully radiometric jpeg image storage.
• Ultra-compact & Affordable.
• Battery works for 7 hours.
• Crisp, High-quality Images.
• Bright 3.5″ LCD.
• Built-in Laser Locator.
• Download Images Easily to a PC.
• Easy-to-operate.
It find problems fast:
It monitors and diagnoses the state of the components of the exploratory system to detect its locations exactly before the overlap of the energy. Crisp thermal images are clearly displayed on the large 3.5″ color LCD – highlighting the targets.
Rugged, Ergonomic & Lightweight:
Hold in your hand, clip to your belt or place in your toolbox, the 777weighs just 1.25 lbs. It is the lightest F.T.G and thermal imaging storage camera in the world. The Imager Gun 777 can resist all difficult environmental circumstances.
Fully Radiometric JPEG Image Storage:
Fully radiometric JPEG images storage in the camera’s on-board memory. This new function will allow users to make new discoveries after storing the image. It is ideal for all users and all applications. It recalls, analyzes and shares the findings with others while searching in the same field if they are using LCD camera.
It pinpoints problems with precision:
The built-in Laser Locator quickly helps you associate the gold and metal places on the F.T.G image with the real physical target. This feature greatly enhances the ability to target inconsistencies.
It views sensitive thermal images:
The infrared detector produces highly sensitive thermal images that allow you to detect gold, silver, diamond and all buried objects places and determine its places precisely.
It downloads, authenticate and stores:
It downloads thermal images to your PC quickly with Quick View™ software and standard USB cables. Concerning the authentication, it is done by inserting JPEGs into your favorite word processing programs.
Smart Power Management:
Lightweight, long life Li-Ion battery assures uninterrupted inspections for up to 7 hours on a single charge. Image Gun 777 includes an internal battery charger and one battery. Optional car/truck charger and additional batteries are available.
Fast Detection for Fast Action:
Electrical systems scan in quick and easy way. The camera inspects areas that can’t be easily reached by other devices. The gun determines and authenticates the true locations of the treasures, it determines the category too. It is safe and it increases the results and avoids shutdowns systems.
Made in Japan
System: laser thermal imaging
Front Range: 350 meters
Depth: 6-8meters