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Discovering Gold with Live Image
Now you can look at the discovery of what is hidden from the eye, with the graphics showing the locations of new gold targets, yes this is true. You can actually look at the sites of gold and silver under the ground with the use of such amazing technology called the Super Eye with the infra-red laser. This is our job, to give you the latest technologies.

Searching and Prospecting for Treasures and Gold:

These devices “The Super Eye” are used for the detection of gold and treasures in the ground because these metals lead and carry thermal energy considerably during their existence under the ground.They form an electromagnetic halo, which in turn allows the control of the radiance through the cameras in the visible spectrum of infrared lasers available in each device.

These devices have been manufactured professionally which leads to the improvement in the process of receiving excellent and accurate information for prospectors, exploration companies and researchers to find more sites of treasures.

Characteristics of the Super Eye Devices:
These devices operate by levels of electronic signals which are high and accurate, and that is translated into video indicators. All levels of buried targets can appear on the televised mini screen and they emphasize the monitoring of golden places accurately.

The Super Eye can give the sensitivity and it has a possibility of good value in the detection of long depths through the appointment of the non- classical track to the transfer of infrared radiation, and the laser radiation to an electronic energy, which in turn gives a superb and excellent track performance, which is one of the best systems.


Features and Practical Functions:
1- Detecting field for precious metal (treasure, gold, silver, antiques).
2- Front Range: more than 500 meters.
3- GOOD Detecting depth:
4- A very clear image.
5- Automatic control.
6- A detector than can be controlled and adapted.
7- Resistant to weather circumstances.