Smart Gold Camera >> CELL PHONE S4



This is the best technical creation over the entire world in the field of detecting and searching for metals, gold, treasures, relics, and caves. No hesitation or problems in detection anymore, all these have been in the past now. Cell Phone challenges everybody and gives you a clear vision to all precious objects underground. Cell Phone can also analyze and distinguish between these objects by its advanced software. This device has excellent features to keep its high performance. This device is considered the smallest, the lightest and the most advanced thermal imager in the world. The new low cost, high performance S4 thermal imager is robust, and it is easy to use. It is the ideal choice for an ever-increasing variety of industrial thermal imaging applications. It provides a wide range of unique features and benefits that didn’t exist before.The perfect design of the device offers advanced features such as finger-tip control, high quality thermal and visual images with voice annotation, on-board image processing, large capacity memory and versatile USB connectivity.
Precise thermal and visual imaging:

With a temperature measurement range of -20 to 250°C/-4 to482°F and sensitivity of 0.12°C/0.22°F, the Cell Phone S4 detects precisely the locations of gold, treasures, relics and silver in 8-bit thermal images. High quality digital images are provided by the built-in visual camera in addition to enhancing the sides of the imager.
Multiple Measurement Modes:

Simultaneous four-spot and four-area analysis, line profile, isotherm analysis and electronic zoom function simplify the identification of potential problems.

Auto indication of hot spot and the image of Gold center:

A cursor automatically tracks and indicates the position and temperature of the hottest spot within the image of the object. A second cursor in the image centre is used to indicate the degree of temperature and provide a reference for inspection analysis.

IR locator:

A built-in laser locator helps to accurately pinpoint gold places.

Audiovisual Alarms:

An audible alarm automatically decreases when the user locates golden targets.

Large storage capacity:

1GB memory provides extensive recording and storage of complete radiometric images in the camera. Each file can comprise a thermal image, visual image and voice annotation.

Principal Features:

1- The smallest portable thermal imager of gold and treasures locating
in the world.
2- Accurate temperature measurement of precious targets like gold,
silver and jewels.
3- Outstanding thermal image quality with digital x2 zoom.
4- Units are available in ex-stock for rapid dispatch.
5- Built in visual and video camera to help in objects identification.
6- Built in laser locator to pin point treasures places accurately.
7- Comprehensive on-board image processing.
8-The front rang 500 meter.
9-The device explores till the depth of 12 meter.
10- Ultra light-weight at 0.265kg/9oz including battery.
11- On-board storage of 600 images.
12- Transfer of both thermal and visual images and voice recording via USB.
13- Multiple battery charging options and A.C adapter.
14- Long wavelength detector (ideal for outdoor applications).
15- Post-processing software and report generator.
16- User configurable for °C or °F operation.

Powerful post-processing software:

Offering an extensive range of temperature measurement, image processing and report of all the places that have been detected it is easy to operate on Windows because it relies on a program of reports and storage of images which have been taken by the infrared.

Made in Germany