Smart Gold Camera >> Cam500



This camera is the latest in modern technology in the field of detection for gold and treasures buried under the ground to depths of more than 8 meters.
This camera combines the feature detection using laser and thermal imaging feature which gives you an opportunity imaging and viewing without the need to drill, which saves you time and effort and money.
There are several additional devices come with this device, one of them gives you the results and readings measured by printed and the other helps you to take pictures of the location finder.
This camera features as being very small in size and easy to use.
Discoverer of new target site: different from the rest of all electronic devices
This device offers the latest scientific methods of the recent discovery of precious metals – the discoverer of the new target site size and the designer, which includes finding metal objects placed Krwasb and buried valuables after.
Details of the operation:
The land planted and coherently with a barrage of powerful radio frequency that can be transmitted by satellite – military power and radio and lighting. The broadcast appeal to the electric currents of the incoming objects underground and induced currents produce secondary electronic magnetic fields, which can be detected on the surface of through magnifying deviations to field a very low natural frequency. Electronics are transmitted from the electronic magnetic field in a wave field can be detected from a distance. The lowest reading or lack thereof above the goal is clearly compared to the left and right side for .