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Is one of the latest cameras that run on System X-ray digital able to watch all the hidden objects day and night, such as metal objects inside the bags and the wall and detect underground to a depth of 180 cm and reveal a distance of 1800 in front of a clear and has several uses a metal detector and airports and border crossings, etc. This is the camera as a revolution in the field of modern advanced technology.
FTDigital X-ray
Product Name FTADX6000
X-ray generator Inveter type
Tube voltage 50 ~80 kV (variable)
Tube current 1 ~3 mA (variable)
Tube type Stationary
Tube focal spot 0.8mm
Target angle 16°
Exposure time
(increse 0.05sec) 0.05~1.35sec
Power requirement DC 15.0 ~ 16.8V
Weight 3.6kg
Detector Film / Digital Sensor
Power supply Rechargeable battery (16.8V)
-Inner battery pack
-External battery pack (At the same time charging and using)
Display 4.8″ TFT-LCD(Radiation image display)
System type All in one (X-ray source + Digital sensor + Display)
Image processing No need other device
Connect with sensor Digital sensor
– Dental size1
– Dental size2
– orthopedics 10″ X 12″


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