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700 . cam device

Look to the discovery of what you lose. Declared the new target site photographer. This is true.
You really have to look at gold and silver sites with the existence of these new technological Almayorlh of thermal images
Ein night with infrared and we are always working to give you the latest technological day tomorrow.
Thread: search for treasures and gold exploration
How does this device: is used to detect sites of metal buried underground, such as gold and silver because both these metals reflect and who they can be Abako thermal energy longer and silver because both these metals reflect and who they can be Abako thermal power longer than behind or around the Earth that revolves around treasure and so heat can be seen with the naked eye.
The photographer target site that allows you to monitor the heat radiated by this camera in the visible spectrum of the infrared have been the work of this camera professionally good, which helps to give information to the prospector and exploration companies, and treasure hunters and edge visual that they need to find sites for treasures and hotspots to achieve more.
• The presence of other uses: The night vision technology is not new for the implementation of the legal or military, and there are a number of different products that have been migrating and transported from the world of military electronics in recent years and is available to agencies and police services. The use of infrared equipment was successful in finding a high heat loss about النوافد and doors, ceilings and find missing persons in the forests and drug prevention and to strengthen the Implementation of the law. The temperature in the area under the red rays for a nice-mail magnetized act and behave more like visible light and could focus visually and is collected.
• The change electrical appliances through tools thermal and the aim of trafficking conversion and transport of infrared energy levels are indicators of electronic and that these changes translate into indicators for video and through which a light gray mixed on the TV screen and for each level of temperature can discovered and that the ability to sense differences in temperature often can provide the sensitivity and the possibility of value above and behind the ability to see things in the dark and example on the site is the ability to identify and set houses warm for drug cultivation and employing path unconventional to the transfer of radiation under red-to-energy electronic and that this type is capable to reduce and reduce the size, weight and complexity, and most important of all is the cost of traditional systems that’s thermal gives performance electrodes to or better than the systems, which cost many times the many that the unity of a series of measure 2000 TLV accomplish qualities and points the following process:
Area for the discovery of the precious metal and which is at a depth of 2400 feet, the areas of discovery depends on the size of the subject and the thermal contrast, fog and other forms of images of infrared
• depth of field 75 feet
• a serious start to the video images and almost 60 seconds
• adaptable Center (it is judged by the operator)
• immediate field of vision
•’s key black and white hot
• Variable control and clear: Automatic
• Introduction of the scale video
• Current ratio (modern) Video 30 HZ
• field of vision 12 degrees x 6 degrees
•’s decision: 320 164 x
• Recycling photography: 360 ° continuous – operator uncontrolled (plus / minus) automatic 180 degrees from 16 degrees to 40 degrees from the horizontal zero degree per second – it is controlled by the operator
• automatic detector – Detector domain of 2 degrees to 45 degrees per second
• orientation function forward Alottomatkih and pressing the button
• Operating temperature 40 degrees to 130 degrees
• There Weatherproof Box
• are thermally control against Qadf icy windows
• area windows are controlled by the operator
• operating voltage of 10.5 volts to 16 volts
• Power consumption 6 natural Watt and 25 Watt at a very far
• wave protection to the extent of 24 volts
• voltage inverter protection
• Size W12 10 1/4 X – H X 3/6 D 9
• 19-pound weight
• 7 video screen black and white
• Size: D8 1/2XH – 6X 8 1/8
• 8-pound weight
• voltage 12 V – 23 Watt power