Sea Detectors >> WX 150 CAMERA



The idea of the device:
The possibilities Jhazox W. 150 enables high of excellence, where he could Asorvi the completely dark places under any circumstances.
In addition to re-cover design the shock Paljhazeljkonakthermquaoma Ocean, it has become the W Jhazox can be granted using 150 clear picture and great quality.
This Aljhazabarh from a video camera and machine Tsoertan on land and water, which makes you able to Find Alknuzfa by places never imagine they contain valuable types of valuables.
Now you can start research in Alabaralkadima, chimneys, caves … Etc., the possibilities are endless.
Features and characteristics:
1 – Camera “black and white” Infrared.
2 – Percentage of image clarity: 400 lines on the screen.
3 – sensitivity to light: Cefrouhdh lighting on a scale of 2.6 feet, and the lighting unit (2.6 feet) of about 1 meter.
4 – Image Control: fully automatic lens to see.
5 – Visibility: 85 ° thereby providing a large range of vision.
6 – Focal length: 6 inches to infinity.
7 – Power: 12 volts DC.
8 – Power Consumption: 150 mA.
9 – signal (NTSC VIDIO 3.58 – 1VP-P).
10 – Mosul wire: a length of 150 feet.
11 – Depth: 400 feet.

Made in America