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Seamaster 600

Device working idea:

You can now get a variety of underwater camera system (camera) where you can get black and white and color photos as well.
The C-Master 600 automatically switches its imaging system according to the amount of light available to give you maximum image clarity, regardless of the surrounding conditions.
This complete system includes screen, sun visor cover, connectors and clips.

Features and characteristics:
1- Sun visor cover.
2- Connectors and clips.
3- Automatic change system between the black and white image and the color image.
4- Infrared imaging (weakly lit areas).
5- Adjustable electrical circuits (according to the level of illumination).
6- The ability to close distances with a force of x2.
7- Clear and water-resistant luminous screen.
8- Conductive wire 50 meters long.

Made in USA