Fishers offers two types of acoustic pingers, a single frequency model and a multiple frequency model. The SFP-1 single frequency pinger transmits only one frequency. The user selects one of four available transmit frequencies at time of order. The MFP-1 multi frequency pinger has user selectable band of 60 different frequencies. The advantage of MFP-1 is that several pingers can be deployed in the same area and the diver can quickly and easily locate each one individually. Two larger housing options are available for either pinger; the Extended Operation Housing and the Very Long Duration Housing. The larger housings allow more batteries to be installed which significantly increases operating time.

Pinger Receiver:
Fishers PR-1 Pinger Receiver can locate any pinger transmitting a frequency between 3 and 97 KHz. When the receiver is tuned to the desired frequency and pointed in the direction of the pinger, an audio signal is emitted from the underwater earphone and an LED light bar flashes indicating the pinger has been located. A compass mounted on top of the PR-1 provides the diver with the precise heading to the target. As he approaches the pinger the audio alarm increases in volume and more LEDs illuminate on the light bar. A boat deployment kit is available which allows the receiver to be operated from a boat.