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wkda 02.711 radiation protection

Introduction:This is a security guard for the title after world proved its worth in maintaining the health and safety of the user and all the means which moves and sits.

This device is a device health preventive in this era after the spread environmental damage everywhere and caused many diseases due to remnants of war that produce impurities many damage from chemicals and nuclear and uranium and other causing the spread of cancerous and spread virally in the atmosphere and the environment and terrain In general,
Well we in an era of rapid technological development and became residential areas inhabited largely by electrical with high voltage and telephone lines and the Internet, electricity and other and the approaching pilots and airports from cities all this cause health problems in humans, in addition to the electrical conductivity inside homes in the present day has Decorative and decoration and dazzling lighting and large chandeliers and lighting unhealthy exist everywhere around the house,

This affects also increase the radiation and health problems for humans, was too the existence of this device to every man to know the health of place sitting either at his home or in his vehicle or in his office and he was safe completely from that radiation harmful So we found this device, which gives comfort and guarding just to be places to sit and sleep and the coming and going in places free from harmful radiation once run this device is easy and simple with absolute efficiency gives you immediate result to your place and your surroundings to be in complete safety and comfort.

This device has an ignition key and firefighters in addition to 3 Light Signals start of green, yellow, red, while operating this machine and stand in the place where you sit by and submit it with your hand to the top if given the green light this a sign that your place safe from radiation and damage voltages electrical either in Case gave yellow, it means that it must reduce this radiation, whether from lighting or voltage or electrical connections or other as in the case illuminates the color red, this indicates that this place risk to sit him because it affects the head and body and rights in general, it must find the right solution until the device gives the green light.

Magneto-Smog Detector WKDA 02.711, appoints the quantity of magnetic induction field in the point of measurement (obviously with regard to geometrical dimensions of the sensor – there can be mistakes in the measurements of close fields). It is equipped with two specialised hybrid integrated circuits – one for the reference of voltages in the measurement and the other one witch forms the amplifier and the measurement detector “quasi RMS”. Their tasks is to keep temperature parameters of the measurement system and to gain the compatibility of transmittance of the measurement channels for each of the three components of field.
Detector is scaled in the RMS value.
User Manual
Basic technical data:
Measurement range 4000 nT
Resolution 4000 nT 10 nT
Measurement accuracy 2,5% FS
Measurement band 40Hz – 500Hz
Operating temperature range 0oC to +40oC
Storage temperature range -20oC to +60oC
Power Battery 9V typ 6F22 (6LR61) IEC
Working life of battery min. 72 hours
Battery charge indication and measurement over range Indication on display
Dimensions 84 x 155 x 30 mm
Instrument weight 190g (approx. 220 g with battery)