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Nano Station

Used to strengthen radio signalsinthe transmissionand receptionuntilworkseamlesslyon the computerandmove from one placeto another withoutinterruptionand is used incorporateoffices andhomeandindoorandtherein the devicesystem configuredsystemIPfor companies toprotectequipmentInstallation options
Pole Mount (comprehensive and regular belts)
Wall Mount (Monte sold separately)
Absorption window Monte
Program Guidelines
Conducted a verification device physically host device Nano plant
On the subnet 192.168.1 X static IP host system’s configuration
Refreshed Nano plant) IP access to web browser (Address
) Each of the fields username and password UBNT when you log on to appear on the windows (
WWW.UBNT.NET For further operating instructions, please visit the support site
Dipole antenna integrated 14 dB
External antenna GSM er and propelled Link (optional)
Anti-slip door water
Internet connector
Foreign status LEDs
Different installation options
Package Contents
FM network TGV
5Gikahertz indoor / outdoor dual polarity 14 dB CB II
AC connector one piece
Ethernet adapter one piece
Bands of plastic pieces
Nano plant and one unit
FM network TGV