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Mobile Signal Isolator FTG3000

This tiny device is the technological revolution advanced to get rid of problems era through uses the phone in places others dedicated to him, like mosques and churches and courts and prosecutors and some bodies, ministries and other places such as wedding halls and offices meetings and filling stations and other places that prohibit and prevent the use of mobile phones.
This device evolving provides comfort and easy methods to eliminate the problems and inconvenience many suffering community, including significantly, especially in the present day, making the process of abolition mobile phone network facilitates errands and work without influence or nuisance in places that prevent mobile phones

Uses the exam room
The function of the total isolation of signal
Safety certificate from the Department of Health and Environment for the prevention of diseases and related subsidiaries of the United States of America
Product quality certificate holder from the Ministry of Electricity and center inspectors PSP
Conferences, courts, schools, exam room, hospital, gas station, army, government ministries, cinema, libraries, gas stations, petroleum sites in general, security offices, state security and police command centers

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