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Gen 1 + nightfall

Product Details
CE certificate built-in infrared reliable and easy-to-use automatic shutdown system mental housing lens with 3X and 5X

Sunset our night vision devices.By using high magnification, and excellent optical systems and advanced Gen image intensifier tube 1, will sunset bring you pictures of very bright and sharp.

And lasting shield rubber, housing fit perfectly field conditions harsh and some outdoor activities for civilian use, and military use, such as fishing, climbing, fishing, camping and displayed in the case of dim lighting, can also be used for the prevention of forest fires, public security and armed police, custom, border defense, and suppression of smuggling and drug smuggling investigation night patrol guards, and assist in the investigation and obtaining evidence etc.

In one word, the sunset is fantastic and night vision unit, theyre just for you!

Zoom lens, X 5
Objective lens diameter, mm 50
Lens System 80mmF/1.7
FOV in 100m/110yards distance, AD 16/52
Field of view, degree
Focus group, 1.5 to 1.0 infinity to infinity
Exit Qatar pupil, mm 6
Modify the lens Dioper, DPTR +4, -4
Eye Relief, mm 15
Power supply, and V CR-123 battery 3V/3.6V (one)
Battery life on the infrared, an hour up to 20
Battery life of infrared, an hour up to 60

Weight, g 613
Distance effective
Detection range, M 220/175
IR power, MW 25 ≤
Infrared wavelength, 850 nm
Infrared effective distance, 25
Environmental data
IP level IPX4 water-resistant
And 93% humidity
Operating temperature, -30 ° to +45 °
Storage temperature, 0 ° to +60 °