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an introduction:

This is a device antenna with sensors and a fantastic transmitter for the first time in the jurisdiction of the transmitter and receiver and enhance the signals of gold to detect in the soil core, as well as works efficiently to filter and purify the signal so that it cannot be allowed while implanting the Allowaar in the ground receiving any other signal that is sent from the device on For example as a gold frequency signal for example, it is also used to enhance digital TV signals and in various regions and places and to enhance the transmission of frequency signals for different devices, as well as suitable for Alrdaria detectors and detectors, mineral prospecting and remote sensors where you can capture strong and very pure AM FM signals It is clearly filtered up to a range of over 3 miles in various terrains.

You can get digital IVHF and UHF TV signals in key areas and endge areas without any special problems with Hmaa Passive Atmosphere DVB-T –

Metal ring integrated into the base secures Alastaqra Rmmtazh

A wide range of reception of VH F and UHF signals

75 ohm air plug connector

aerial conductor or receiving direction

Technical data

Bandwidth ranged

VHF band: 174-230 MHz; UHF: 470-862 MHz

Polarization: vertical

Earning: approx. 25DB

Connection Length: APPO X 1.5M

Air weight: 260g

Dimensions: 165*20mm

Made in: USA