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FTG 1000 . Mobile Signal Isolator

This tiny device is the technological revolution advanced to get rid of problems era through uses the phone in places others dedicated to him, like mosques and churches and courts and prosecutors and some bodies, ministries and other places such as wedding halls and offices meetings and filling stations and other places that prohibit and prevent the use of mobile phones.
This device evolving provides comfort and easy methods to eliminate the problems and inconvenience many suffering community, including significantly, especially in the present day, making the process of abolition mobile phone network facilitates errands and work without influence or nuisance in places that prevent mobile phones

Isolate signal
Mobile FM signal insulator TJ is a safe product information is completely independent with all intellectual property rights. Through deep analysis of the mechanism and that was the main reason D & R communication and comparison between the methods of isolation and electromagnetic emissions, it develops by our group
To increase the development of new technology. And can be a field of electromagnetic protection around you, causing prevent leakage of confidential information by mobile phone and also eliminate noise pollution from mobile phones. Can give you device safe and quiet area, become trustworthy and full of faith

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