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eso 090

Introduction : It is a wireless device world with a purity voice and high quality free calls 24 hours a day , this is the best and easiest to use and there is no any fees or sums of money paid to the bills , so it provides a lot of money and facilitates the performance of work and follow-up on an ongoing basis , you will be comfortable to pay many bills after the conduct of normal mobile calls .
A pocket-sized handset with speaker design and a wireless connection and connects you function in the world from everywhere
The device’s original warranty from American F- TJ
Product quality after service
Beware of imitation To learn more , please review
Models that are no existing or web page is non-genuine products such as ESI Oh 090
One year warranty
Factories were made by F TJ USA approved
Providing feed Oh 090
Which acts as a transmitter and receiver
Contact the scope in central Almudbna between the handset and the base of 8-15 km either in open spaces found more than 15 km
The distance between the phone and call multiply accordingly
Wireless solutions offer you this device
Pocket size
Easy to carry
Union solution device
Multi- speaker system
Transfer the call from the headset to the other
The local language
You can view that speaks that language was Arabic / English
How is it feeds Oh 090
Caller ID on the handset
Intelligent switching
Connect with the world only with your thumb
S. Oh 090 quality – certified
And automatic access scanning to multiple channels about ( 120 channel)
During the conversation changed the channel several times
Phone screen large LCD
Phone options include vibration
Trivtinltrahil pages, in addition to the intercom free
Code security groups 65,536
Can adjust the volume and resonance
The phone has an automatic control switch
Speaker phone
Phone interface with headphone socket
Phone backlighting
Transfer the call within the handset
The basic unit of hardware platforms
External antenna with 15 m cable
Base Station connector AC
Handset Charger
AC adapter to charge the phone
Standard battery pack 650 M AHL
If freezing
Group phones for free debate
The supporting base of the units
Multi-channels with automatic scanning
Multiparty system up to 99 phones
Wireless connection between phone
Speaker function with your phone
Loudspeaker base with a double keyboard
Intercom paging in two free face
Memory reservation to 30 incoming call with the date and time and the type ( CSF K Woody T M F )
Caller ID with Call Waiting ( CNN IDC W)
Zakrh carrying 50 phone number with the name
You can redial the call of up to 10 phone numbers
There are 20 memory connected to the unit to the base unit
Last number redial present the basic unit of the device
Operate the phone keypad lighting through the LCD screen supplied by
You can determine the tone and style you want the device
During the conversation you can change channels
A 65,536 security codes ( in both directions )
Time programming flash works
Ringing sound can be adjusted for the headset and base
The volume can be adjusted for the headset and the base
Music can be suspended
And rationalization of energy consumption function include with the function of the device
Alarm when the battery is low and display it
Sound Built – in security circles ( scrambler )
The answer is spontaneous closure of the line
Transfer the call between the base and the phone
Outside the scope of the alarm
Battery charge indicator
Fast shipping
Select a phone ringtone of 15 tune
Adjusting the size of the phone keypad
Real-time capacity of the phone
Display on phone time update
Smart phone with a switch
Automatic design to control the power to the phone
Showing multiple languages
Automatic detection of F – SK Woody T – EMF signal caller ID