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Place of Origin: CN; BEI Model Number: VND – 01
Type: LCD screen brand name: SiDoLim
Size: 60 * 60 * 100mm Weight: 3.5kg
Operating voltage: 12 ~ 24VDC enlarge: 6 ~ 12X
Effective visual distance: vehicle-mounted optical distance effective: mounted on the bandwagon
With vehicle-mounted infrared night vision device, and the driver can see a clear path and surrounding areas under various weather conditions
With vehicle-mounted infrared night a vision, and the driver can see a clear path and surrounding areas under weather conditions different, such as darkness, fog and other conditions, and ensure the safety of pedestrians and leadership; achieve driving without any lights because special demands of military vehicles and police ; mechanism is configured to pan and tilt, it can achieve a secret surveillance, inspection and monitoring in all directions. It fixed built-in portable media development and higher can be mounted cheese when necessary, and it is convenient to monitor and control with LCD screen vehicle-mounted video scene or confidential. There are many types of lens option, and with a lift mechanism pan and tilt can be aware of the long distances, and a large angle of research and observation.


Within a specific range launched vehicle used electro-optical surveillance system to monitor and control objectives through a system of CCD camera in daylight through the level of low light device night vision or imaging infrared thermal night around the perimeter of the car in a panoramic way to obtain evidence on the target and recorded. Can isolate actually change the position of the car and shake interference device (camera) monitoring. Can provide a clear picture and stable.

This system is suitable for various types of automotive vehicles, and communication and leadership, and armored vehicles carrying soldiers and patrol cars (police, armed police and border defense), and money carrying trucks and other vehicles for a special mission.

The main functions:

Monitoring and research in the goals by manual operation, electrically adjustable and change the visual features such as focus and zoom.

Spindle with dual function to achieve good stability and the ability of the resistance to shock and vibration.

Provides an interface with GPS car-borne and networking with vehicle-borne mobile communication equipment and transfer the image data to the base station or command center in real time.

Technical Specifications:

1. Appropriate vehicle speed ≤ 150Km / h

2. Operating range: depending mainly on the configuration of camera systems.

Azimuth: – 180 ° ~ + 180 degrees

Height: – 30 ° ~ + 20 degree

1. Stability: stable accuracy ≤ 1 °; Frequency response ≤ 1Hz

2. Complications response performance

Azimuth and elevation maximum speed: ≤ 30 ° / S

Maximum azimuth and the accelerated rise: ≤ 60 ° / S 2

Minimum smooth tracking speed: 0.2 ° / S
Total consumption ≤ 300W

1. Reliability: MTBF ≥ 500H; MTTR ≤ 1H