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The pride of the present invention the birth of the latest product of the brand AFP TGV is switched on and ended any competitor for this device destruction, which detects more than one way modern electronic and specialist Per What object or buried or existing underground natural resources, minerals and raised Owabar water or precious stones or mines or and other treasures he mm in discovery in everything and ranked first globally to now that water DETECTOR2
System bandwidth:
This system uses an innovative scanning frequency tomography layers of the earth except for the use of filters and amplifiers, high-tech development and improvement of the performance of the system, where the broadcast frequencies via sensors ground and pneumatic updated impact on the band ground to interfere with each other and then it is routing through the router antenna Dalla to the location of the target in a clear and exploratory range up to 4 km.
Ionian system:
Boils down to the idea in the Ionian trace of the elements you want to search for where to find the most powerful energy is invisible line connecting the device with the desired elements are then go to the places of their presence through flexible movement while giving voice vibrations received from the body via the highly sensitive antennas ..
Technical Specifications:
1 – Detects device elements, materials and fluids and minerals Tayeh mentioned: (gold – gold factory – raw gold – mining diamond mines – gems – burials – crypts – treasures – Archaeology – tunnels – Caves – CHANNELS – blanks – caves – ancient cities – oil well – groundwater – artesian wells – gas – all kinds of metals).
2 – The device works programs and systems group Speaking Mstl_khash of the best innovation in the methods of detection and exploration in the ground.
3 – The device contains a collection of multiple exploratory systems, which send and receive electronic signals and vibrations and waves Alascharah and radiation and electrical frequencies in atelier in discovering ways goals and materials required.
4 – wipe the device a distance of 4 square kilometers meticulously and be able to seamlessly connect and clasped goals, elements and materials to be discovered with the device of a swathe manner compatibility mail P.SD. The
5 – The device filtering and purification processes for receiving signals and accurately analyzed by special units controlled by a self-programmed device without user intervention.
6 – actuation device automatically and programming itself on the quality of the ground (soil) and carries out compatibility, calibration and balance Ground electronically without intervention from the operator.
7 – translates the device exploration operations and reach to analyze and find out the details of the desired item electronically.
8 – The device consists of a strong creditor and electronic-minute segments allergy to give him the strength and solidity and work under pressure in all kinds of environment.
9 – to the device Aathss any influences or interventions in terms of different terrain, climate, environment and works in the same way as precise search in all types of land and runs through the heart of the soil and
Excavating machine in very difficult areas in the exploration and operations, especially in mountainous areas, rock and dust and sand and saline soils with the same force of the device without the actual impact of this never discovers metal device to depths of up to 110 meters with ease _10
Device discovers deeper groundwater up to 750 meters with ease _ 11.
12 – ensure and guarantee for one year with internationally approved maintenance document.