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The PMR-III is a new instrument developed by using the power load ingredients of the PMR-II in one tube, together with a newly developed power load formula in a second power tube. The purpose of the dual tubes is to keep these two power loads separate. The power loads are different but each utilizes a small amount of a special radioactive stimulant. User reports as well as our own field test have led us to conclude that the PMR-III is probably the most sensitive and effective dowsing instrument that can be built with currently available technology. As with the PMR-II, the unique two-hand bearing handle allows perfect balancing of the instrument for steady operation. To use the PMR-III just load the sample compartment with a sample of the material for which you wish to search, extend the antenna and install the handle which you wish to use. When used with either of the two bearing handles, the instrument can pivot freely on the precision ball bearings and swing so as to point in the direction of your target. When directly over the target, it can operate in a circular motion. The PMR-III operates with the 24″ handles and the spring handle in the same way as the Precision-Master Rod and the PMR-II except with greater sensitivity and accuracy. The PMR-III can be used to search for gold, silver, diamonds, paper money, lead, copper, mercury or any other metal or mineral. The radiation poses absolutely no hazard to either the operator or bystanders. The PMR-III is probably the most sensitive and accurate dowsing instrument ever built. The PMR line of dowsing instruments are the only instruments that use a radioactive source to stimulate the crystals in the power load. The PMR-III is like a dream-come-true for the serious treasure hunter. If you hunt treasure on a serious basis the purchase of this instrument will be the best investment you ever make. The PMR-III is the instrument most frequently purchased by our customers from countries like Greece, the Philippines and from the Middle East. All these are areas where serious efforts are underway to recover large and well documented treasure caches. This leads us to conclude that the PMR-III is the instrument of choice for professional treasure hunters and for the serious amateur

Find system : remote sensing steering
Depth: 900 for water. 90 metals .
Range: 5000 meters