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The very developed technology and the easiness in using make that photographic detector the favorite global method for all searching and mining ways.
Make that amazing photographic scanner one of its your own possessions and know it closely and you will be amazed from its fantastic charming performance and its valuable discovery, during a few seconds you will find yourself operates the device because it is programmed with high accurate quality makes it electronic completely.
The device job and performance:
NASA TECH 6000 device works with various and many jobs makes that device an effective leading role to all professional explorers who they are searching for the best and the greatest buried locations for treasures and monuments places with quick, simple and secure ways through the modern technology.
NASA TECH 6000 considers one of the most creative image devices with three-dimensional photo and analysis the data to the user with the best simple technical and technological system gives the user easiness and absolute simplicity in performance. Radical modifications have been done on the device to be always at the top and challenge all the other photo devices with outside shine that has no use at all.
The modern 2009 technology gives that photo device the right and correct ways for explorations which suffer from it many and many serious clients in finding sure buried locations without any use of finding it that for many reasons, the first of it the imagination that was given by the other volatile photo devices and the second thing is inefficiency.
NASA TECH 6000 device is ready to be at the top of the photo devices, and the big surprise is that catching the golden goals and the required locations become now very simple through providing our photo device with Treble Blazer device it is the detector road towards treasures and it is the leader and creative.
As it works with two ways wire and wireless so you can conduct the determiner far range device or work separately with that modern language the device programmed it.
The Power Ranger grantee the real as the working by the device become connected or separated with that the device will be the determiner and the favorite method for all exploration and mining processes.
Put that detector in your hand and after receiving in a few seconds you will find yourself searching with high accuracy quality on your target and specify its type and location, then after that the photo device begins to monitor the place and gives all complete data about the target in terms of type-depth-size-quantity.
It is possible to use also another modern method which is Auto Track it is the automatic way in using two devices at the same time at the exploratory work or each one alone.
The explorations:
The device gives a lot of discoveries from the best of them: caves, vacuum, caverns, water, treasures, gold, silver, platinum, diamond, gemstones, emerald, monuments, buried cities, hidden roads, entrance for caves + exist and all what you want. All these explorations are by very precise order way and giving all the accurate details.
The idea of the device:
The device works with perfect search process with very developed and modern technology this process is called (Digital on line) or (Live transmission).
The readings of the area is taken until thousand meter in all directions and in a few seconds the targets existence will be shown in the exploration area by the Treble Blazer device and then the analytical photo device begins to give the accurate details about the target.
The sensitive electronic slices found in the device show the clear images for the targets which you want to be sure that they exist. The three-dimensional photography in the device is with high accurate features makes you feel that you are holding and feeling the target between your hands.
The device is provided with sensors that have international quality and industry gives the excellent efficiency in transmitting the images to T.V live transmission for the real land to the visible screen.
Features and specifications:
1. Accurate in work, sure analysis and results.
2- The device detects the gold ore with high sensitivity and accuracy.
3. The actual exploratory depth for determining the goals is 48m.
4. Far exploratory survey for thousand meters in all directions.
5. Search for far distances extend thousand meters in all directions.
6. Far exploration makes you refolding and canceled the unimportant locations and you are At your place.
7. Direct live broadcasts and storing at the same time to all that found and buried inside the Soil.
8. The device works with modern technology and distinguishes style through the developed Three dimensional analyses.
9. Work with fantastic high tech under any outside causes or different topography in hot air Temperature, coldness and humidity.
The device components:
1. The main unit consists of all the device jobs.
2. Educational CD.
3. Mini Laptop.
4. Arabic& English catalogues.
5. Memory card 20GB.
6- The device contains the best 12 sensing tools, gives the quick scanning and realistic Technique picture.
7. Batteries with easy electronic charger.
8. Hidden Fiber-optic very sensitive.
9- International warranty for a year.
10- A special bag to keep the device protected and safe.
Search System device: telescope guideline, audio system, a3Dimaging system, 10 SENSORS
Ground-term depth: 48metersofwatermetals500
Front Range Horizontal scan: 1000 meters
Industry: U.S.A