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Most international devices are characterized by specialization, but our factories dedicate all their efforts to make the new in order to break specialization rule to invent a device consists of comprehension, and specification between targets and to have the function of many devices at the same time with the samepower and performance. Actually, what ” Future Treasures” has planned to happen has been achieved, as the developed geological device and easy to use is a revolution in domain science of “detecting and prospecting” because it works by science developed and unique system and its outstanding and unique performance in explore historical cities, underground houses, caves, vacuums, canals and the whereabouts of water and minerals classified both separately and explore stone, graves, monuments and many other forms of land wealth, it reach to imagination depth, and survey 5000m area in 3 minutes and discover water for depth more than 2600m it is really considered as “destruction” device.
The reason behind the device penetration to a wonderful depth and distances is its high voltage to increase the power transmitted signal and also to increase the device sensitivity in receiving, where innovation that was a dream in the past become reality in this digital integrated device. All you have to do is play the device and it will do all roles automatically, all these features made this device a great discovery and progress in Future treasure companies that always first and continuous developed.
How Does It Work?!
The device works by the modern ” geological system”; it is geological survey system and (Geophysics) professional in performance and in rapid work.
The device surveys a wonderful depth and vast distances by the new electronic survey, as it sends waves to the earth the results appear for you immediately, the device has been developed to a large extent by the new innovative system in our factories that is make the device become a global comprehensive geological survey device that is use by geologists and engineers in everywhere.
Features & Advantages:
1. The device is digital.
2. The ability to determine the depth of targets.
3. Determining the sites of caves and metals.
4. Determine the depth of the target and the center point with full accuracy.
5. Ease of use makes any ordinary user work on it easily.
6. The device works in a safe and secret exploratory field as it does not affect with any outside influences or cause any disruption on the wire or wireless communication devices.
The technical Standards:
1. The survey range is 500 m.
2. The charger battery is 12 volt.
3. Vibrant and oscillator to send waves around 12 volts.
4. The battery works from 8 to 10 hours continuously.
5. Explore underground water, artesian wells and canals to depths more than 2500M underground.
6. Explore gold, treasures, all mineralsand caves with the distinctions between them at the depth more than 40m.
7. The device includes high quality specifications, unique technical, technological features and contain of many characteristics which surprise you when you own this device.
The device components:
1. Battery connector.
2. Sample for some minerals.
3. Crystal digital screen.
4. Light indicator battery.
5. On/off button.
6. Digital land props.
7. List for different value minerals.
8. Wires link by nails.
9. Arabic and English catalog.
10. Educational CD.
11. Internationalinsurance for one year.

Made in USA
System: a guideline Jiulja
Depth: 60 for metals. 2600 Water
Range: 5000 meters