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Rib Belt

The My COMPANY and still is based on providing the best and highest quality products, with great benefits that pervades the good and welfare rights, and in this sense and the embodiment of human company, the company’s management agreement with the months and the largest factories in the world
The business daily that we do within our offices or in the workplace or at home in general and sit prolonged computer is a special cause with time contraction or shift paragraphs spine causing danger to paraplegia or full in some form at the event is not treated quickly and also overweight only natural for a person poses a significant risk to his life and his future
U.S. special corset to modify the status of the spine to perform FTG so you progress
Duties to the fullest.
The idea of the brace:

This brace works to amend the status of the spine and back and help him return the status of vertebrae appropriate to its status and alleviate the pain caused by sitting Bodaaat wrong

Benefits and functions of the brace:
Prevents the disc if it exists works to remove and treat during the use and re-paragraphs and appropriate repositioning basic

Characteristics and advantages of the brace:
1 – does not require any energy provider works Vhoabarh rubber corset
2 – long-lasting
3 – Use daily for two hours a day for two months dealing with disc disease and re-paragraphs and repositioning
4 – a rubber corset made of one hundred percent natural rubber

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