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Medium washing machine – VGT 1200

( Price:500 $ )

Medium washing machine – VGT 1200

Three steps to effective hygiene

A new method for cleaning and the first of its kind, a method for high precision electric (Electra Digital Sonic Kleiner)

(rinse – depth wash – cleaning – disinfection – sterilization – protection layer – gloss – gloss – get rid of annoying Ghabaaro dirt – remove rust and black – permanently wipe stains) and also while using this washing machine for all the accessories that you want to ensure its cleanliness (such as forks – Spoon – Glasses – Cameras – CDs – Toothbrushes – Teeth – Milk Bottles – Watches – Pens – Harddisek – Many Barbershops – Mobile Cases – Gold, Jewelry, Fashion, Accessories & Toiletry Only)

1- General hygiene:

* Cleaning objects to clean them with the first tap water

* It must cover the entire purpose of the water to be cleaned so that the water level does not Athaoz

“Min” or less than the “maximum” level

2- For better hygiene:

When the purpose to be cleaned and the most dirty Bzbt washing machine on the “Max” button, taking care to put the water

Then pour one or two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid for a sure clean

3- Extensive purposes:

For larger retail purposes washed

Instructions for use:

* Open the lid and fill the tank with water

Note: Do not put water in the washing machine, it will destroy

* Put tools to clean them in the water and they must be completely covered with water and do not run the washing machine in “Max”

Connect the washing machine to the electricity *

* The screen will show “180”, this is always at the user level, and if you need a score higher than that, click on the “SAT” button

So to choose other five levels: 280-380 – 480-90

Make sure the blue indicator light is on

* During the cleaning process, there will be a sound that indicates that they are working

* If you need to turn on the hot water heating button, which you will find on the lower back Alhze of the appliance

* The screen will show you how much time is left for the end of cleaning, and when they arrive for a good time it turns off

* During the cleaning process of the washing machine if you want to press the arrest button, if you want to turn it on again press the start button

* At the end of cleaning, unplug the appliance from the power supply

* Open the lid and remove the utensils clean and dispose of the dirty water from the tank as well as the residue and dry the tank

Safety Instructions:

* The device should only be disassembled by professionals

* Do not fill the tank with strong corrosive liquids or liquids

* Always can be separated from the device during current filling

* When cleaning the washing machine, do not immerse it in water

*Be sure to dry your hands before connecting the appliance to electricity

* Always follow the steps here and the guides Do not use any of the extensions are not allowed

* Do not operate the washing machine and damage the thread connector never clog, and if there is any damage to the machine or it does not work as we must make sure to check it by a specialist before using it and use the correct and proper then review all instructions before use

* Always Alhaaz connected to this direction while not using

* In order to remove the device from warm, damp places

* Keep the device away from bathtubs

* It should never be left unattended while the washing machine is in operation

* Do not use the washing machine in a hot tub

* Do not touch the appliance if it leaks water and immediately disconnect it from the steel

* Unplug and empty the washing machine after each use and do not leave the water in the tank for a long time and dry the tank with a dry towel

How to use safer for other accessories:

* Plastic basket:

Used when cleaning small items and placing it in a plastic basket and placing it in a tank

Warning! : It is recommended to use only the Albulastich Basketball when cleaning purposes because the small basket absorbs about 30% of the vibrations and it reduces the cleaning results

* When using a plastic basket then follow the directions in Better Than Hygiene

Price: $500