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Introduction :
Our bodies these days are full of electronic charges caused by the daily usage of moderntechnologies such as computers, mobile phones and others ,theses over chargers increase the static situation of the body.
This magic Watch has been designed to enable us to get rid of theoverchargescaused by electronic devices.
How the Watch functions:
*This watch voids the electronic charges through connecting it with any earthed metal.
*Its light weight and easiness to use helped us to use it while working, watchingTV,or playingvideo games.
benefits and Functions :
*Discharging the electronic charges in a completely harmless and healthy way
*Needs no power source of any type.
Features and Characteristics :
1- Precise and accurate performance
2- No specific location or timing is needed
3- Long lasting
4- For ever guaranteed
5- Functions accurately, and at the same effective way no matter what the outside environment or temperature is .
6- Resistance energy up to 10 ohm
7- No power supply needed.
8- Lightweight