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( Price:365 $ )

House Filter – M.E CLR 211

The Modern Electro Encyclopedia’s mission is still to provide the best quality products which returns as luxurious and better profit on the human kind. So, and building on this mission, the company has agreed with largest and the well-known providers (factories) all over the world.
The air we breathe , water ,and plants are targets to pollutants ,So to keep a healthy life style we are in need to purify air from all these substances and harmful bacteria , and to accomplish that we invented a special Filter for homes, and offices to get pure and clean air.

How the device Functions
Changing of the filter becomes a necessity if you notice the decrease of air stream in comparison to air heating and it could be recognized when you have a foggy window. And you could check out your maintenancemanual to learn about the replacement times.
Features and Characteristics
1- Small sized device
2- Easy to use
3- Provided with a remote control
4- Supply the room with the refreshing air.
5- Helps to reduce asthma and respiratory diseases in general.

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