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Home Massage – WDM5000

The main features of the thermoelectric mode
1- The electrical panel possesses the function of Class 2 therapeutic temperature monitoring:
– High precision sampling thermostat temperature measurement
– Temperature overheating protection
– Overheating protection for high-accuracy temperature measurement integrated circuit 2 – Three choices of treatment temperature zones: – First zone: 37.0˚C ~ 43.0˚C – Second zone 42.0˚C ~ 48.0˚C – Third zone 47.0˚C ~ 53.0 ˚ c 3 large area heating can be effectively applied to the shoulder, back, waist and leg The main features of the pulse mode: double-channel pulse output. Use one or two sections of one affected patient or for two patients Adoption of pulse modulation technology Adaptive digital pulse strength. Four manual pulse modes Its pulse frequency or pulse duration can be adjusted by a “speed” switch – Pulse Alternate function: Two channels can be set for simultaneous pulse wave or alternating treatment Dear Customers: FTG’s company mission remains to provide the best quality products that return profit Luxurious and best in human kind. Therefore, based on this mission, the company has agreed with the largest and well-known providers (factories) all over the world. The main features of the thermoelectric mode: – The electrical panel possesses the function of Class 2 Therapeutic temperature monitoring: – High-accuracy thermometer sampling temperature measurement. – Temperature overheating protection. – Overheating protection High-precision integrated circuit temperature measurement. A selection of three temperature-treated zones: – The first zone: 37.0 ˚ C  ~ 43.0 ˚ C – The second zone 42.0 ˚ Celsius ~ 48.0 ˚ C – The third zone 47.0 ˚ C ~ 53.0 ˚ C – The large heating zone can be effectively applied to the shoulder Back, waist and leg main features of the pulse mode: Double-channel pulse output. One or two affected single patient or two patients were used to acknowledge the pulse modulation technology of adaptive digital pulse strength. Four manual pulse modes The frequency of its pulse or the duration of the pulse can be adjusted by the “speed” switch. – Alternate Pulse Function: Two channels of pulse wave can be set simultaneously or alternate treatment
It is the most effective device for treating back and neck diseases, rheumatic pain, disc pain – spondylolisthesis – spinal sprain – nerve pain – muscle pain – paresthesia of the limbs – in addition to the main course in blood circulation and regulation of the immune system in the body, which leads to the restoration of the body’s ability to resist Fungal diseases and stimulation of body organs when carrying out their tasks in an integrated manner.

This device won international patents in 2000 and also obtained ISO 9001 certification and also won the gold award at the 30th International Invention Fair in Geneva in 2002.
We welcome you with WDM-5000 dedicated to eliminating all body pain as stated in the reports sent to us from the medical authorities ™ where these reports prove that this therapeutic device – readers – sports – health – medical – entertaining.
It is an effective remedy for treating back, neck, sagging discs, aching joints, rheumatic muscle aches, pain and tears, as well as effective in . Stimulating blood circulation, as well as to improve the functions of the nervous system
Where it works is to improve the body’s internal functioning, strengthen the immune system, and restore its ability to treat fungal and resist various diseases through stimulating and neural functioning and stimulating blood circulation.
It activates the blood circulation completely by exercising influence. It also has an important role in restoring muscle flexibility and providing an adequate amount of blood circulation to enable it to perform sports activities with all our strength and activity.
healthy :
The crown of health on the heads of healthy people known to be satisfactory only served to enhance general health and give it strength and flexibility.
It is one of the best medical devices that do not depend on chemicals and there are absolutely no side effects.
And the person entertains himself by taking a massage in his bedroom to give Hania sleep after the pleasure of the massage and a feeling of calm and tranquility and a peaceful sleep.
ü Effects of heat.
ü effects of massage.
ü Step paragraphs.
ü Move the whole body.

Full satisfaction guarantee with this product because it has tuned several wonderful systems and put them in one device to provide the correct treatment and promote proper lymphatic circulation, increase body immunity, reduce premature aging and even reduce the loss of elasticity and stamina, it is tried and tested content and I recommend it to everyone and the price is in everyone’s hands, And an important wealth

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