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Diabetes devices – M.E Diabetes

M II diabetes Aldiabats
Control system diabetes mellitus

Product Information:
Consists of three poles, and paper type test Sharh, one piece of vacuum packaging can protect the device from external influences.
For those who can live the whole world to use only the amount of sugar in blood sugar and blood ketone meters of glucose blood test
Blood glucose meters Abbott laboratories is the use of chemical Tec small electrical current. Blood sugar, initial screening will be developed blood glucose meters from the Alachtbarahit box that can integrate with the paper test after automatic startup, then put some drops of blood higher scale testing and will be automatically absorbed and this leads to the appearance of blood glucose result.
Tec experience: The biological sensors removing glucose from sugar, (b Albotarat disarming hydrogen (Aston blood)
Test time: 10 seconds of sugar and 30 seconds for blood ketone
Computer interface: test results can be downloaded on your computer
Data storage: record the last 450 test carried out by the device
Power Supplies: Replacement Battery quarter lithium battery
Battery life: 1000 times
Additional features: when you make a test blood Albotarat work on disarmament hormone Altistotseron
Adoption of HP: raise 0.6 MB / L 5 Aston blood)
Group test: 1.1 – 27.8 mmol / liter / 0.0 – 0.6 mmol / L (Aston blood)