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Car Filter – ME – FRESH AIR


Environments interior of the car can contain polluted air very Vealbaih compressed in a room your vehicle interior, there you may find a high concentration of impurities, such as dust, pollen, sand, particles of air undesirable Other These particles can irritate allergies and affect the comfort inversely, especially your health and the health of Msavrok 

The idea of ​​the filter: 

Affect the environmental conditions changing climate where the life of the air filter internal as well as driving a car in overcrowding or in desert areas or containing dust many or on the roads dirty and this may shorten the life of the candidate, therefore, should replace the filter or clean it if the airflow is low. 

Hardware specifications: 

The best device to eliminate bacteria and viruses on the surface of an object and as well as existing contamination with air, it is very useful in preventing Anchar infectious diseases saves energy and allows for air conditioners to save energy, negative oxygen ions liberated can cause all sorts of respiratory tract infection, it prevents the spread of infections, removes and quickly smell the cigarette in the air, limiting smoking habit negative, removes all types of gases, toxic chemicals in the air, improves the air to assist in the work and remove fatigue, helps to improve the function of the heart and strengthens the body’s immunity and keeps the skin moisture This device makes you feel nature. 

Device features: 

1. The importance of the car Vialastkhaddamat personal in our lives put this device to give a fresh and comfortable atmosphere for the vehicle to float them the right atmosphere and the health of children, especially when running air conditioning 

2. Device works on the air filter and the air of bacteria and viruses 

3. Eliminates the pollution in the air inside the vehicle 

4. Away infection of the respiratory system 

5. Removes odors and toxic gases in the contaminated air 

6. Helps to improve the function of the heart and strengthens the body’s immunity 

7. Improves the atmosphere for safe driving without fatigue 

8. Does not require calibration or any materials, works automatically and continuously 

9. Making a world-class international standards and the United States of America 

10 – helps to relieve asthma and respiratory diseases in general 

11 – Electricity provider jack inside the house or office and the provider also jack to run inside the car 

12 – pumped fresh air into the car or inside the room 

13 – The possibility of use in the home or car 

14 – purify the air inside the cockpit of all the dust and pollutants and smoke etcetera.