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Abdominal belt

The  company mission is still to provide the best quality products which returns as luxurious and better profit on the human kind. So, and building on this mission, the company has agreed with largest and the well-known providers (factories) all over the world.
The misuse of backbone (unhealthy body,sitting, bend without folding the kneels wrong lifting of heavy materials,obesity, accidents and injuries.)
How the back care pad functions
Do you suffer the pains of curvature and crutching?
We here have the solution with the medicalback care pad for the less moving people to treat and reduce back ache, and to prevent backbone crutching.
It is adjustable to be set on chair ,desk, and could be used at home ,office or even the car .
Backrest is suitable for bothMales and Females and protects from back aches.
The back ache is not considered adisease in itself .However, it’s a side effect and result of a lot of other diseases ,and a lot of people suffer from it.
Although it is being recovered and vanished in most cases , back aches lasts some times for longer times and prevent people to work or approach their life in a normal healthy way, thus, it’s considered a real health issue if it lasts for more than six months.
Many surveys showed that backache is one of the most probable reasons people absent from work .which reflects negatively on the production and National Economy.
An American survey, forexample, showed that the fees an compensation of curing back ache has exceeded more than one billion US Dollar in a year.
It is worthy mentioned here that the manufacturing countries get the huge share of it ,for the statistics showed that 60-80 % of people in those countries are a probable target of this pain during their life.
11% of them are accompanied with theses pains in one way or another from three weeks to four months. And 4% for more than six months to turn into a chronic disease.
The back ache ratio does not differ in both genders in the period of 35 to 55 ages. Although the height,and obesity are both of the factors that help to get this problem.
The benefits and functions of back care pad
1-Adapts with the natural curvature of the back
2- Gathers and supports vertebrae
3- Reduces the tension of muscles
4- Providesflexibility and improves the strength
5- Portable, to be used at home, office ,or even while driving.
6-lightweight, small size ,and easy to use.