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Pictures of ADL-1

The ADL-III leak detector is a new type of multifunctional instrument, features digital signal processing technology with embedded developing platform. It is popular used for leak location on buried water supply pipelines under pressure, and leak detection of other underground pressure pipeline systems. It has incomparable ultra-low power consumption, and its frequency analysis and combined digital filter make sure effective noise suppression and ear protection. Minimum value function and less ambient noise effects ensure better monitoring results and real-time curve drawing; and its function of distinguishing short-time using water sound from leak noise provides on-site engineers with fast and accurate information.
– 70-1800HZ, nine options of different combinations
– 9 groups of minimum value bar chart storage records allow exact leak positioning in high noise jamming environment
– 30-minute durable leakage test allows distinguishing leak noise from short-time using water sound.
– No interference current noise
– Adjustable gain and volume
– The display screen displays the battery status; system turns off automatically when the voltage drops too low
– Two power supply methods: rechargeable lithium battery and alkaline battery
– 12 bits A/D conversion
– Back light of the display can be deactivated to save battery energy

Standard Configuration
ADL-III Detector × 1
Ground Microphone × 1
Professional Headphone × 1
Battery Charge
Transport Case × 1
English Manual × 1
Alkaline cell compartment × 1 (optional accessaries)