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MD 200

1.Simple, Convenient to operate,easy to adjust.
2.high sensitivity.
3.low price.
1) Operating frequency: 20kHz
2) Weight: 272g (including the battery)
3) Size:a) Length: 420mm
b) Width: 138mm
c) Height: 110mm
4) Handle measurement: 30 x 30mm
5) Regulate the way: manual
6) Indicator: BZ, vibration motor
7) LED light proves: LED red warning indicator lamp, LED green
insufficient indicator lamp, voltage indicator lamp LED battery of power
8) Battery: 9V battery (suitable for working for 40 hours normally)
9) Control: circulation switch (On, Off, a sound of light or mode of vibration)
10) Uses cycle-switch to switch sound alarm and hidden vibration alarm respectively

11) Highly sensitive, detect ferrous and non-ferrous and stainless steel weapons
12) Sound and light alarm simultaneously
13) Alkaline cell (7V-9V) can work over 40 hours and distance does not change
14) Warn automatically when short of voltage
15) Simple, convenient to use, easy to adjust
16) Detecting distances:
a) 1/2 pin: 10mm
b) Model 64 pistol: 150mm
c) 6″ dagger: 150mm
d) 8mm (diameter): 40mm
e) Aluminum & copper sheet: 10mm
f) DIP14 IC (integrate circuit): 5mm
g) Silver ring (1g): 40mm
h) Lead brick (1g): 30mm