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( Price:140 $ )


MCD-140 Handheld Metal Detector

Specification:(super high sensitivity)
Alarm Indication : Audio alert and LED indicator and Vibration can work together,with headphone output.(headphone is optional accessory )
Sensitivity :≥11cm(for a RMB one YUAN Coin)
Power Supply:9V fold battery (6F22ND),can connect with recharger,(recharger is optional accessory )
Quiescent Current :<30mA Operation Current:Audio and LED<62mA ,Vibration<90mA
Body Size:415*87*41mm
Net Weight: 350g Gross Weight: 605g
Color Box size:445*117*57mm
Package Size:52*30*47cm (25pcs/carton,16.5kg/carton)

Feature and Application:
handy structure,beautifulappearance,large scan area,high sensitivity, It is be used for gold,silver shop, or jewelry factory,public security personnel,and school exam check where need high sensitivity .