Hand-Held Metal Detector >> GP140

( Price:630 $ )

High sensitivity.
Similar to PD-140
Product features:
*It features advanced structure design concept, unparalleled streamline shape rich in rhythm.
*It features large and even detection working area, super high sensitivity, simple and convenient operation.
*One need not adjust its detecting sensitivity by simply choosing the high or low sensitivity range.
*The sound & light and vibration alarm can be switched by one button.
*It handle has adopted the anti-slip technique.
*It has adopted the world advanced wireless transmission charging technology with self-dominated intellectual property right.
*Experts’ comments: This model has thoroughly embodied aesthetics in its overall design and application.
*Conforming to the ROHS and CE standards of European countries, this model certainly will become a favorite of the high-end buyers.

Product parameters
External dimensions: Length 340 mm*40 mm (handle diameter)*80mm
Working power supply: 6F22ND 9 V battery (alkaline battery, rechargeable
battery). The rechargeable battery is strongly recommended.
Airproof capability: IP64
Alarm modes: sound or light alarm
Product weight: 365 g