Hand-Held Metal Detector >> FT12

( Price:320 $ )

The idea of the device:

We have been developing a manual metal detector F T- 16 specifically to accommodate professional applications specialist with a focus on the enjoyment of high sensitivity .
This device has proven its worth in helping the police In courtrooms and prisons and human populations in large public events and nightclubs .
The device can detect pieces mineral Oalojza that weighing up to 0.3 g .
The reason for its high performance due to the use of circular ring shape laminated synthetic membrane is particularly strong , and the device is run by pressing the power key / locks , so the machine is ready to work.
With this device there is no longer need a certain Alantzarlfterh until the device adapts to the surrounding environment.
And supports the work of these detectors on search technology is linear and that makes identifying and metal detectors possible whether these minerals containing iron material or not, this machine can also determine which steel metal structural work and in anywhere Ohq or angle.
Features and characteristics :
1 – ease of use.
2 – switches self is completely automated .
3 – an immediate detection of all metals.
4 – clear audio and video for the alarm.
5 – the battery compartment a cassette without wires manner .
6 – ABS for protection from high shock .
7 – Search sensitivity ( up to 0.3 the size of the metal ) .
8 – the possibility of working under all weather conditions (20 to 50 degrees C ).
9 – battery .
Weight: 280 grams ( including battery ) .
Length: 360 mm .
Width: 105 mm .
Height: 35 mm .
The search loop diameter 105 mm .

Made in America